Astrix is an Organization formed by a community of Gamers. Astrix was made to a be an Organization for gamers by gamers. We want to bring Gaming to the next level. We want to have all of our hands in the Cookie Jar as one would say. We want to bring you Entertainment from YouTube to having a team of Pro's to participate in tournaments. We want to Astrix to be a family of gamers. We want to be the largest Interative Organzation possible. From playing with buddies you met on Astrix to participating in a tournament sponsored and hosted by us by other members in winning prizes and having a good time. As gaming is evolving and getting popular we want to be part of that so much as you want to be part of us and with that being said join us. Without you we are nothing without you we cannot succeed. Sure we don't have what we need like sponsors or having a nice website with twitter accounts with 100k follows or YouTubers having 300k subscribers. But this is just the start none of these people started big on YouTube just like Optic or Faze they sure did not have one million subscribers at the start of it all. But look 2 years later for Optic they become one of the biggest gaming organizations to exist in the Gaming space. And Astrix can do that too and with you our numbers increase and we can become bigger than what we were yesterday so if you join us thank you and welcome to Astrix and let our Journey begin.